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The SW50 Bluetooth Speakerphone from SoundWave

July 24, 2012


The SW50 speaker from SoundWave is one of the best external speakers which can be tethered with a smartphone that we’ve tried here at GadgetReviews.co. We love it; it looks hot, delivers high quality audio and is surprisingly loud! Although a number of speakers have come out over the past few years, the SW50 easily trumps most of them with the crisp sound quality it delivers, good battery life and incredible portability.

Small, Yet Highly Portable

The size of the SW50 is nowhere near to its performance capability. The small speaker is very well built and can be easily carried in a laptop bag, without it taking up too much space. The speakers are situated on the top, rather than at the sides. This will ensure that the sound will travel in a 3600 arc rather than in the direction in which the speaker is pointed.


SoundWave should be credited for incorporating high performance capability in such a small device. You will be pleasantly surprised when you use it for the first time. Its sound is reasonably high without compromising on the quality. Music is crisp and crystal clear, especially the bass and treble. A particularly cool feature of this speaker is the call experience using this speaker. We didn’t experience any call volume drops nor signal reception issues.

There is a small call button to help you receive calls also instantly. You can easily turn your calls into a conference call by connecting your smartphone to the SW50 and placing it in the middle of the table, with people sitting around it. The voice reception is also very good which will ensure that the person at the other end of the call will not suffer from audibility issues.

Connecting the SW50 to your mobile device

The set up process is very simple. You need to turn on Bluetooth in your smartphone and make it discoverable. Hold the call button for 6 seconds and the speaker will appear in the list of devices to be paired. Just set the audio to be played on the speaker and you are good to go. There might be a few minor issues with respect to charging but it does best what it is designed to do, i.e. provide excellent audio quality conveniently.

Yes, yes and yes!

The SW50 is a nifty little beast! We tried tethering it to an iPad 3 and iPhone 4 and it worked seemlessly on both. If you are looking way to boost the quality and volume at a bargain price the SW50 is a decent choice! You can buy the SW50 from our friends at MobileFun, they stock a large range of external speakers including the highly sought after Jambone Jambox!

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