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Leather Wallets for Apple iPhone 4 and 4S

April 23, 2012

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The iPhone’s popularity is proven by the fact that the latest iPhone 4S sold four million units in its first day of release. Since then, numerous accessories for this Apple product have hit the market. One of the most beneficial and functional accessories is the leather wallet. Being the most popular smartphones in the world, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S boast a wide range of attractive covers.

Leather wallets for iPhone 4 and 4S are available in a range of sleek and stylish designs, and are convenient to use. These single piece wallets are lined with soft leather on the outside to provide a cushioning effect. This protects the iPhone 4/ 4S and its screen from damage if dropped. Leather wallets also have extra pockets to carry your credit cards, ID, cash and other essentials. With the convenience of iPhone leather cases, you need not carry your wallet from home and store all your essentials in one place. Some iPhone leather cases are designed with back pockets for small items like keys.

iPhone leather wallets are available in snap-in designs as well as regular cases. With snap-in leather wallets, you have the added convenience of being able to click photos and charging your iPhone without removing it from the case. However, with numerous other items like keys, cards and money, your iPhone wallet may become heavier and trickier to handle. In that case, you can also opt for simple leather wallets. Your iPhone can be easily slipped into the wallet and taken out at your convenience. Unlike snap-in wallets, your iPhone 4 is not attached to the wallet.

If you are required to use your iPhone frequently, it is better to opt for classic wallets with a shell holster combo. If convenience is your priority, a snap-in case that holds all your essentials is the best choice. While plastic wallets for iPhones can be stylish and functional, it is better to opt for leather wallets as they are fitted with additional padding. Wallets with softer covers can absorb the impact of a fall and protect your iPhone better than plastic cases.

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