What are the signs your website is underperforming?

Owning and running your own website is no easy task. You will obviously want it to be as much of as a success as possible and this requires you to constantly evaluate its progress and performance.  There are several signs that you can look out for that will indicate that your website is not performing as it should be – but what are they?

Conversion rates

You may first want to look at your conversion rates that your website has. A good example of a conversion rate is visitors to your website vs. sales – i.e. how many people visit your website compared to how many sales you receive from your website.

Another good example of conversion rates is visitors to subscribers. If your website is experiencing these problems then you may want to assess the situation and take appropriate action to fix the problem. If you are suffering from a lack of subscribers to your website then you may want to place the link to subscribe in a more accessible place on your website where there will be a higher percentage of people who see it.

You may want to perform a website speed test. This can evaluate the speed of your website and you can make adjustments as your see appropriate.


Your may also be suffering from bad search engine traffic and this is essential to the success of your website, so it is vital that this problem is fixed if your website is suffering. You may have to improve the coding of your website or make some new webpage’s that work well which will help improve the amount of traffic that your website receives. You could also try building new links on your website to boost its web performance.

Your website performance may be hindered by the fact you have nothing to attract visitors back to your site. You do not just want one off customers but returning visitors. Make your website memorable and give the customer something that they will return for. This could be something as simple as website graphics.

If you are receiving lots of emails and questions about your website then this maybe a sign that your website is underperforming and you should take these comments on board and take appropriate action.

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