iWallet – High-tech wallet to protect your cash!

iWallet – High-tech wallet to protect your cash!

The iWallet is an unusual but very useful accessory and may well revolutionize the wallet industry. It has been designed in response to the need for safer wallets and to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to your personal information.

It is the perfect place to keep ID cards, money and especially confidential information like bank account details. Marketed as the ideal solution to asset, data and identity theft, the iWallet provides users with high-tech protection in the form of biometric fingerprint access and Bluetooth technology that triggers an alarm on select mobile phones.

Keep your valuables secure with the iWallet

Safe to use and sturdy while handling, the iWallet looks and feels bulkier than its leather counterparts. This is mostly due to its hard and tamper proof case, made of Kevlar, fibre glass and solid carbon fibre. The product is available in several attractive colours like silver, green, black and red.

iwallet open and secure

iwallet closedThe outer case is fitted with a biometric sensor that allows only the owner of the iWallet to open it. In the event that the owner forgets his wallet, it is virtually impossible for any unscrupulous person to open it, as the biometric fingerprint scanner will not recognize his fingerprint. One of the salient features of the iWallet is the alarm system. Each iWallet is paired with a cellular phone equipped with Bluetooth technology. If the wallet is taken more than 15-30 feet away from its Bluetooth paired device, an alarm goes off automatically. Presently, the Bluetooth pairing feature is not included in the product upfront but is available as an add-on.

How much does the iWallet cost?

The iWallet is not a low-end accessory and it comes with a hefty price tag. There are 11 models available at present in a wide range of colours. The basic model costs around $299 in the US, while those coated with Kevlar can cost as much as $600. The manufacturers also offer buyers the option of personalizing their wallets by engraving their names. The engraving charges work out to a whopping $100. The iWallet comes with a one-year guarantee against defects or malfunction.

So, should you but the iWallet?

The concept behind the iWallet makes a lot of sense, but the price puts it in a range where consumers have to ask themselves whether they actually need such an expensive accessory, even if it is to safeguard their confidential data. Even those who can afford this sophisticated technology need to consider whether it is worthwhile to go through biometric access every time they need to take some money out of their wallet.

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