Grooming gadgets for men

On a list of qualities which women most prize in men, good grooming usually comes pretty close to the top, just behind kindness and self-confidence. Good looks, surprisingly, tend to slip into fourth place but even with these the chap isn’t likely to get far if his grooming habits leave something to be desired. Fortunately, there are a number of handy gadgets now on the market that help keep males well-groomed and squeaky clean at all times.

Breath tester

There’s nothing like bad breath to destroy an otherwise promising romantic opportunity, and this nifty little gadget can save the candle-lit evening from disaster. Just blow into it for a few seconds and its semiconductor sensors will tell you whether your breath is up to scratch. They measure the levels of gases and sulphur compounds coming out of your mouth, enabling you to neutralise them before they enter hers and comprehensively kill your chances.

Nose hair trimmer

A nose hair trimmer is shaped like an electric toothbrush with a set of small revolving blades on the end. Insert the tip up each nostril before switching it on and all those long, unsightly hairs will disappear in a flash; leaving your nostrils looking as smooth and clean as a baby’s bottom rather than like a tarantula’s lair.

Anti-fogging shower mirror

As every self-respecting dedicated groomer knows, it’s far easier to shave in the shower because the combination of hot water and steam means you have to use less pressure, thereby reducing stress on the skin. But equally, you have to use a mirror and ordinary mirrors fog up under such conditions. Fog-free shower mirrors are available that use a thin layer of oil to prevent water droplets accumulating and fogging them up, allowing for the perfect complete grooming environment.

Compact hairdryer

The way your hair looks and feels is heavily dependent on the way you dry it and having a small, good-quality hairdryer in your grooming bag is essential if you’re to look your best in all situations. They come with attachments that allow you to try out different hairstyles

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