Cygnett Snaps Duo for iPhone 4 case review

Cygnett iPhone 4 Snaps Duo Case

If you’re a newcomer to the iPhone 4 or 4S, you may still be in awe of the wonderful clean lines, brushed aluminium edges and beautifully shiny aluminosilicate glass screen. But if you have friends who have had one for a while, you may also have seen how all that Apple beauty can be rendered inconsequential with just one accidental tumble.

With that in mind, you’ll want a decent cover for your phone – and there are an incredible amount of options available at all kinds of prices. Having recently upgraded from a BlackBerry 9700 to an iPhone 4S – and having managed to save a few quid on my motorcycle insurance thanks to MoneySupermarket – I decided the time was right to invest in something that would protect my new handset. So, having looked for something in my price range, I decided on the Cygnett Snaps Duo for iPhone 4 – and I have to say I’m pretty pleased that I did.

First off, it’s simple to get out of the box. Now that may sound like small praise, but these things can often come in a hermetically-sealed plastic covering that requires a physics degree to get into, so I was more than happy with just being able to pop it open and drag out the contents. As you’d expect, the Cygnett Snaps Duo claims to provide full 360-degree protection and when you unpack everything it is easy to see how it might.

The main offering here is the rubber bumper that houses the outside rim of the phone, which is designed to guard the device against shattering should it take a major fall and inevitably hit the ground on one of its edges. When this happens the results can be catastrophic – and you really get the feeling that this edging will protect it. The great thing about this particular set too is that you get two bumper colours (in my case one black, one yellow) so to a degree you can switch your phone to match your mood!

Cygnett iPhone 4 Snaps Duo Case

In addition though, you also get a silicone cover for the front and back sections that will protect your iPhone against more minor scratches. It doesn’t take long to give an iPhone 4S a nasty scratch, particularly if you keep it in a pocket or handbag where it will be battling keys, coins and other bits and bobs, so this is something you definitely want. As you also get a microfiber cloth and smoothing card, you can also easily apply these and don’t need to worry about bubbles on your screen.

Overall, the Cygnett Snaps Duo for iPhone 4 is a great little purchase and not only does it give you the confidence to know your gadget is well protected, it also looks the part. If you’re in the market for an iPhone bumper, I’d definitely recommend this one.

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