Best iPad Covers for Outdoors

There are more iPad covers in the market than you can keep track of. While some of them are outstanding, some of them are totally worthless. Most are somewhere in between. If you want something that will protect your iPad even in challenging conditions , here are the three iPad covers you can choose from. Note that these are heavy duty and reliable protecting covers,  which makes them eligible for this list of best iPad covers for outdoors.

G-Form Extreme Portfolio

One look at this cover and you can tell that it is indeed super strong. The outer part looks literally like armor and is sturdier than any other iPad cover which is available in the market today. Since G-Form is also into manufacturing elbow and knee pads, and the material used is a type of foam that is used in football helmets, it can be safely assumed that it will withstand impact. It is so sturdy that even if you drop a 12-pound bowling ball on it, your iPad glass won’t shatter. Yet, the case is lighter than the iPad. It is also water-proof and edge protected. With this case, you can use the iPad in 2 positions, flat and easel.

Sealline iSeries iPad Case

This case is virtually like a zip-lock cover, but of a higher quality. It is your ideal foil if you are planning to take your iPad to a place where you might encounter water, dust and wind, individually or in combination. There is a urethane sheet which will encase the screen of your iPad and hence, you can use the device even when it is inside the case and even when there is water spray around you. You can also use your iPad underwater for up to 30 minutes at a stretch. The only drawback is that you will have to take the iPad out in case you want to attach headphones or charge it.

Pelican 1075 Hardback Case

Have you seen the hard cases that are used to carry around computers in extremely rough conditions? That is how the Pelican 1075 Hardback case looks like. The case is made up of hard fiber and one flap has a slot for your iPad. The other flap of the case has slots for the keyboard, charger and other iPad accessories. This is perhaps the only case that also has slots to hold iPad accessories safely. The auto-purge valve in this will help in keeping dust and water from reaching your iPad or the accessories.

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