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What are the signs your website is underperforming?

Owning and running your own website is no easy task. You will obviously want it to be as much of as a success as possible and this requires you to constantly evaluate its progress and performance.  There are several signs that you can look out for that will indicate that your website is not performing as it should be – but what are they?


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The SW50 Bluetooth Speakerphone from SoundWave

The SW50 speaker from SoundWave is one of the best external speakers which can be tethered with a smartphone that we’ve tried here at We love it; it looks hot, delivers high quality audio and is surprisingly loud! Although a number of speakers have come out over the past few years, the SW50 easily trumps most of them with the crisp sound quality it delivers, good battery life and incredible portability.

Small, Yet Highly Portable

The size of the SW50 is nowhere near to its performance capability. The small speaker is very well built and can be easily carried in a laptop bag, without it taking up too much space. The speakers are situated on the top, rather than at the sides. This will ensure that the sound will travel in a 3600 arc rather than in the direction in which the speaker is pointed.


SoundWave should be credited for incorporating high performance capability in such a small device. You will be pleasantly surprised when you use it for the first time. Its sound is reasonably high without compromising on the quality. Music is crisp and crystal clear, especially the bass and treble. A particularly cool feature of this speaker is the call experience using this speaker. We didn’t experience any call volume drops nor signal reception issues.

There is a small call button to help you receive calls also instantly. You can easily turn your calls into a conference call by connecting your smartphone to the SW50 and placing it in the middle of the table, with people sitting around it. The voice reception is also very good which will ensure that the person at the other end of the call will not suffer from audibility issues.

Connecting the SW50 to your mobile device

The set up process is very simple. You need to turn on Bluetooth in your smartphone and make it discoverable. Hold the call button for 6 seconds and the speaker will appear in the list of devices to be paired. Just set the audio to be played on the speaker and you are good to go. There might be a few minor issues with respect to charging but it does best what it is designed to do, i.e. provide excellent audio quality conveniently.

Yes, yes and yes!

The SW50 is a nifty little beast! We tried tethering it to an iPad 3 and iPhone 4 and it worked seemlessly on both. If you are looking way to boost the quality and volume at a bargain price the SW50 is a decent choice! You can buy the SW50 from our friends at MobileFun, they stock a large range of external speakers including the highly sought after Jambone Jambox!

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Review of EarPlane Air Pressure Regulating Ear Plugs

Developed by the House Ear Institute, EarPlane is a convenient option for air travelers who experience severe discomfort due to changing air pressures. Designed to regulate air-pressure, EarPlane Air Pressure Regulating Ear Plugs limit the rapidly changing air pressure to minimize discomfort and pain in the ear drums. Tested by the US Navy, these ear plugs are available in two sizes; ‘Child’ for 1-11 year olds and ‘Adult’ for persons aged 12 and over.

This disposable ear plugs could bring much needed comfort to millions of passengers who suffer from mild to severe pain in the ears. This discomfort is most common during take off and landing as the quickly changing altitude results in varying air pressures acting on the ear drum. The unique design of the ear plugs seal off the inner ear from cabin pressure fluctuations in the airplane. Sealing the ears tight, passengers are recommended to wear these ear-plugs before the cabin is sealed. The ear plugs can be removed after the plane has reached a steady cruising altitude. They can be re-plugged approximately an hour before landing to avoid exposing your ear drums to air pressure changes. Sensitive passengers can wear these ear plugs during turbulence or temporary descent. Those who are very sensitive to pressure fluctuations can simply keep them plugged in throughout the journey.

Most customers that tried the EarPlane Air Pressure Regulating Ear Plugs found them to be useful during ascend and landing. After trying numerous methods, passengers with regular incidents of ear pain now swear by the calming effects of these ear plugs. These ear-plugs not only reduced ear discomfort but also prevented cloudy hearing and ear pain after landing. The EarPlane Air Pressure Regulating Ear Plugs have also proven effective for those suffering from sinusitis.

If you want to avoid medication and find other ways to protect your ears from pain, EarPlane Air Pressure Regulating Ear Plugs could be a safe choice. The snug fit and solid design does not allow any pressure fluctuations to seep through, promising a pain-free journey. Available for a modest price of $5.99, the EarPlane Air Pressure Regulating Ear Plugs are a great bargain.

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Defender GK300-7M2 Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System

The Defender GK300-7M2 Video Intercom System costs about $210 and is like something straight out of “The Jetsons.” It works with your existing doorbell wiring and door strikes and lets you identify visitors with both audio and color video before you answer the door. It also comes with night vision so you can see who’s there even if it’s dark outside.

This gadget is terrific for anyone who is cautious about opening the door to strangers (which should be everyone!). It’s convenient and compact, and much better than a peephole with its fisheye lens. Because it’s hands-free, you can see and hear who is at your door immediately. The GK-300 7M2 is a great addition to your existing security system and lets you always know what’s happening at your entrance day or night. It can also be used for other applications, such as viewing your pool area if you have a swimming pool.

The GK 300-7M2 comes with angled mounts and built-in stand, so mounting the camera and monitor are both easy tasks and only take minutes. It comes with a 50 foot cable and works with your existing doorbell wiring. Video, audio, and power run through two wires, so there is no complicated wiring involved in setup. Once it’s installed, you have the freedom of talking to the person on the other side of the door without opening it due to the audio feature. And, if you hear noises outside, you can just press the View button and see what’s happening outside.

Here’s how it works. When a visitor rings your doorbell, the indoor monitor automatically makes the chime sound and displays the visitor on the screen. At night, the night vision camera with six infrared LEDs lets you see clearly up to 8 feet away in the dark. The night vision feature activates automatically when it becomes dark and deactivates when it becomes light again.

You can get a door strike for the GK 300-7M2 that lets you lock or unlock the door from a distance. Once connected to the door strike you can press the Unlock button from the indoor monitor. A click lets your visitor know they can come in. The two 20 degree angled mounts that are included let you adjust the camera to the perfect position to give you the best view of your visitors, and the 7 inch LCD monitor can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table up to 50 feet away from the door. You can keep the monitor in a location that’s easily accessible to you. And it comes with eight different chimes so you can change your doorbell sound if you want to.

In the box you get the 7 inch LCD monitor, outdoor camera, 50 foot cable, mounting bracket, two angled camera mounts, two window warning stickers, and the instructions. It also comes with 24/7 customer support.

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GRID-IT Organizer – Organize your gadgets!

Cocoon has redefined organizing with its innovative GRID-IT organizer. The organizer, which was originally a part of Cocoon’s notebook and laptop cases, is now sold individually as well. It is ideal for those who have to travel often, carrying their belongings in handbags or briefcases. The Grid-It organizer may seem overrated at first glance but offers a very important advantage of keeping objects, especially fragile electronic devices, in place. It protects objects like mobile phones, iPods, earphones, stationary and an assortment of other personal belongings from being damaged when you are travelling.


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Casio PAW1100T-7V Pathfinder Watch – An Altimeter, Barometer and a watch!

Casio’s solar-powered watches are not only energy-efficient, but also offer high levels of functionality. The multifunctional PAW1100T-7V from Casio’s Pathfinder Series is a neat-looking watch that is well-equipped for outdoor adventure, aviation and general everyday use.


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