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Best iPad Covers for Outdoors

There are more iPad covers in the market than you can keep track of. While some of them are outstanding, some of them are totally worthless. Most are somewhere in between. If you want something that will protect your iPad even in challenging conditions , here are the three iPad covers you can choose from. Note that these are heavy duty and reliable protecting covers,  which makes them eligible for this list of best iPad covers for outdoors.

G-Form Extreme Portfolio

One look at this cover and you can tell that it is indeed super strong. The outer part looks literally like armor and is sturdier than any other iPad cover which is available in the market today. Since G-Form is also into manufacturing elbow and knee pads, and the material used is a type of foam that is used in football helmets, it can be safely assumed that it will withstand impact. It is so sturdy that even if you drop a 12-pound bowling ball on it, your iPad glass won’t shatter. Yet, the case is lighter than the iPad. It is also water-proof and edge protected. With this case, you can use the iPad in 2 positions, flat and easel.

Sealline iSeries iPad Case

This case is virtually like a zip-lock cover, but of a higher quality. It is your ideal foil if you are planning to take your iPad to a place where you might encounter water, dust and wind, individually or in combination. There is a urethane sheet which will encase the screen of your iPad and hence, you can use the device even when it is inside the case and even when there is water spray around you. You can also use your iPad underwater for up to 30 minutes at a stretch. The only drawback is that you will have to take the iPad out in case you want to attach headphones or charge it.

Pelican 1075 Hardback Case

Have you seen the hard cases that are used to carry around computers in extremely rough conditions? That is how the Pelican 1075 Hardback case looks like. The case is made up of hard fiber and one flap has a slot for your iPad. The other flap of the case has slots for the keyboard, charger and other iPad accessories. This is perhaps the only case that also has slots to hold iPad accessories safely. The auto-purge valve in this will help in keeping dust and water from reaching your iPad or the accessories.

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Cygnett Snaps Duo for iPhone 4 case review

If you’re a newcomer to the iPhone 4 or 4S, you may still be in awe of the wonderful clean lines, brushed aluminium edges and beautifully shiny aluminosilicate glass screen. But if you have friends who have had one for a while, you may also have seen how all that Apple beauty can be rendered inconsequential with just one accidental tumble. […]

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The Stump Tablet Stand

Owners of tablet PCs and smartphones can make great use of the new Stump stand. Ingeniously designed for portability and ease of use, the Stump tablet stand is a convenient option to view tablets and smartphones in three different positions. The stand offers three viewing positions to facilitate easy use of the tablets. Ramp, Lean and Upright positions on the Stump stand make it easy for tablet owners to use their gadgets safely while traveling.

Designed like a tree stump, this tablet stand is small and sturdy. Made from a rubber-like material, the base of the Stump stand is lined with metal for extra weight and stability even in unstable environments like trains and airplanes. Minimally designed for functionality, the Stump stand is perfect for multiple electronic devices. Although the stand is fairly small, its sturdy and heavy build aid stable viewing and typing on a number of gadgets like iPads, iPhones, Kindle Fire, smartphones as well as other tablets under the thickness of 0.5 inches. The Stump stand allows you to free your hands and use your tablet or smartphone without interruptions in a variety of settings. Standing just 1.5 inches tall with a 3.5 inch diameter, this sturdy tablet stand can easily fit into bags and can be placed anywhere in your home. Whether for charging, storing or synching at home or in-flight, these stumps can be placed at your desk, on the kitchen counter or nightstand, in your car, and even carried around for travel.

What makes the Stump tablet stand so popular is its extremely simple design, affordable price tag and an exhaustive range of practical uses. Its compact design occupies minimum space on your desk and does not compromise on the style and look of your prized iPad. The Stump is equally stylish and classy and makes a great addition to your personal collection of gadget accessories.

Apart from using the Stump for personal reasons, you can also take advantage of its corporate potential. The Stump tablet can be customized for promotional uses by adding your company logo on the stump. The Stump is available in five vibrant colors and is moderately priced at $24.95 each.

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Leather Wallets for Apple iPhone 4 and 4S

The iPhone’s popularity is proven by the fact that the latest iPhone 4S sold four million units in its first day of release. Since then, numerous accessories for this Apple product have hit the market. One of the most beneficial and functional accessories is the leather wallet. Being the most popular smartphones in the world, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S boast a wide range of attractive covers.

Leather wallets for iPhone 4 and 4S are available in a range of sleek and stylish designs, and are convenient to use. These single piece wallets are lined with soft leather on the outside to provide a cushioning effect. This protects the iPhone 4/ 4S and its screen from damage if dropped. Leather wallets also have extra pockets to carry your credit cards, ID, cash and other essentials. With the convenience of iPhone leather cases, you need not carry your wallet from home and store all your essentials in one place. Some iPhone leather cases are designed with back pockets for small items like keys.

iPhone leather wallets are available in snap-in designs as well as regular cases. With snap-in leather wallets, you have the added convenience of being able to click photos and charging your iPhone without removing it from the case. However, with numerous other items like keys, cards and money, your iPhone wallet may become heavier and trickier to handle. In that case, you can also opt for simple leather wallets. Your iPhone can be easily slipped into the wallet and taken out at your convenience. Unlike snap-in wallets, your iPhone 4 is not attached to the wallet.

If you are required to use your iPhone frequently, it is better to opt for classic wallets with a shell holster combo. If convenience is your priority, a snap-in case that holds all your essentials is the best choice. While plastic wallets for iPhones can be stylish and functional, it is better to opt for leather wallets as they are fitted with additional padding. Wallets with softer covers can absorb the impact of a fall and protect your iPhone better than plastic cases.

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The iRig – A Real Microphone for Mobile Devices

If you want to make better recordings using your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can now do so with the new iRig Mic. It’s a handheld condenser microphone that lets you make decent sounding recordings wherever you happen to be, by using it with your iOS device.


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WaterField Designs iPhone Suede Jacket with Pouch – A smooth and minimal iPhone jacket

Mobile phone cases have become popular, with consumers doing their best to protect their phones from scratches and dings. Even a simple accessory such as a mobile phone cover or jacket can provide your phone much needed protection. San Francisco based WaterField Designs offers the iPhone Suede Jacket, a handy accessory for iPhone owners. Its design is minimalist but the jacket provides sufficient protection to your iPhone in a cost-effective prices.



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GRID-IT Organizer – Organize your gadgets!

Cocoon has redefined organizing with its innovative GRID-IT organizer. The organizer, which was originally a part of Cocoon’s notebook and laptop cases, is now sold individually as well. It is ideal for those who have to travel often, carrying their belongings in handbags or briefcases. The Grid-It organizer may seem overrated at first glance but offers a very important advantage of keeping objects, especially fragile electronic devices, in place. It protects objects like mobile phones, iPods, earphones, stationary and an assortment of other personal belongings from being damaged when you are travelling.


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Moshi iPouch – High tech protective pouch for your iPhone

The iPouch from Moshi is an innovative protective case for iPhones and iPods. The price ($23) may seem a little steep but it is worth the cost to protect an iPod Touch/Classic or iPhone 3G/3GS/4 from scratches and dirt smears. The pouch is comfortable to carry as it is made out of fabric, unlike other hard protective cases, which can be bulky and difficult to fit in the pocket.


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